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Emotional Intelligence & Transformative Leadership Training

Leaders may have; initiative, expertise, decisiveness, years of experience, a strong point of view and a laser-like focus on results. Yet when these talented individuals join forces on a leadership team or any high-profile team, their personal strengths don’t always mesh effectively to deliver on mission-critical goals.

Concept of Leadership
Understanding Human Intelligences
Application of EQ in Leadership
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Stan Consulting Group Services

Strategy & Planning

Stan Consulting Group works with you to ensure your present is well understood, your situation is clearly analyzed and your future is well mapped. We formulate strategies that are progressive, responsive and unique to you.

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Corporate Trainings

Also known as Corporate Education and more recently Workplace Learning, it is a means of improving the employees’ performance, morale and skills in order to help them in their current roles and prepare them for growth.

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Research Services

Knowledge has become the foundation of successful entities, yet knowledge in the absence of the right tools offer little value. Our tested tools in Knowledge gathering, analysis and interpretation excel in Market Research

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Trade Marketing

We deliver appropriate models,modules and practical approaches that ensure each individual connects to the internal and external customer delivering VALUE for the entire organization in realization of its VISION and MISSION.

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HR Consulting & Staff Outsourcing Services

Human resources is used to describe both the people who work for a company or organization and the department responsible for managing resources related to employees..

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Experiential Team-Building

Team building brings people together by encouraging teamwork and collaboration. Engaging in fun activities gives you a chance to view your colleagues in a different light from the one you get in an office setting.

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Our Consulting Priority is to Understand You, Your Organization, and Your Pains. We are responsible to convert your pains into gains, driven by passion of getting things done

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Corporate Trainings
Research Services
Team Building
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