Emotional Intelligence EQ Self-Management Productivity

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Emotional Intelligence EQ Self-Management ProductivityYes

1st Half Of The Training

Start Date: 15th October 2020
End Date: 18th October 2020
1st Half Price: Ksh. 45000
Duration: 3 days

2nd Half Of The Training

Start Date: 10th March 2021
End Date: 13th March 2021
2nd Half Price: Ksh. 45000
Duration: 3 days

Training Description

Emotional intelligence is the amassed abilities, competencies and skills that signify collection of knowledge in order to cope with life effectively. Therefore it is closely related to the personal and professional growth of the individuals who have to take decision under stressful and difficult situations especially in an organization setup. Leadership on the other hand involves establishing a clear vision, sharing that vision with others so that they can follow willingly, as well as providing the information, knowledge and strategies to realize the vision. How you appreciate yourself and relate with others are the fundamentals of emotional intelligence and leadership development.

Introduction Video

Training Highlights

  My Created Identity
  Introduction - Personal Traits and Practices of Successful People
  Understanding my Mojo